If you need a hostess and promoter for work in events, promotions or meetings in Catania (but also in Messina Enna Siracusa Ragusa Caltanissetta Agrigento Palermo Trapani), rely on the competence and professionalism of Snack Eventi.            

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Communication and entertainment are fundamental points for modern companies, both in their relationship with the outside and with regard to internal dynamics.

For this reason, the solutions designed by Snack Eventi for companies cover both areas, ranging from commercial animations to the organization of fairs and events,up to team building events, essential to cement internal relationships towards the direction of productivity and team spirit.

Hostess and Promoter for Events Company

Rely on Snack Eventi if you need hostesses and promoters for events in Catania. Often being at the recording desk can be really complicated. Guests and participants arrive at the event and must be welcomed in the most appropriate way to access the services and activities of the event itself. The quality of the welcome, by now, is something we all take for granted. But it's not always that obvious.

To be excellent is not in fact, it is enough to be only endowed with a beautiful presence, you need skills specifications and punctuality. The customer expects efficiency and, again, control. A kind of subliminal awareness of being in safe hands.

This is why we choose our hostesses and our promoters following a process based on personal selection,that is, we know one by one all the boys and girls who work with us. We don't buy name databases and don't do self-recruiting, as is the case in many portals that are more like online catalogs than cleverly retouched faces with Photoshop.

We choose people, first still that the faces, skills and personal qualities that are needed in a environment like ours.

Contact us for more information on the hostess and promoter service for events in Catania.

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