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Snack Eventi is a company specialized in the rental service of costumes for carnival in Catania Messina Enna Siracusa Ragusa Palermo Agrigento Caltanissetta Trapani.

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Throughout Sicily, especially in Catania, the carnival is a magical and very heartfelt celebration. The streets are filled with colors, parties, music and fun for both adults and children. Everyone chooses to dress up in a special costume,inspired by recent fashions, movies, cartoons, mythology and much more. The choice of the right costume is not trivial and above all it is not quick.

Carnival is approaching and you still haven't decided how to dress up? The past years you bought Carnival costumes, or you made them yourself with DIY, and then you realized that you did not like them and you never wore them again? Or again, have you run out of ideas for this year's costume and don't want to buy another one? In these situations Snack Eventi comes to your aid, with its carnival costume rental service.

Rent your Carnival costume to Us

Discover our rental service of carnival costumes in Catania and you will not be disappointed. In our extensive catalog you will find many costumes of various kinds, from the historical to the most modern and especially for all ages, with baby clothes and adult costumes, with accessories and everything you need. The vastness of the catalog that we put at your disposal, will allow you to choose the costume that best suits your tastes and needs,of all sizes, and at a truly competitive price.

Contact us for a quote and for more information on the rental service of costumes and carnival masks.

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